Indo-Canadian entrepreneurs make their mark

Many are already giving back significantly to the mainstream community

aditya_jha_pregoHaving a lunch at Prego Della Piazza in Toronto's upscale Yorkville neighbourhood, Aditya Jha looks every bit the CEO.

The custom-made shirt and designer suit signal that he heads a string of successful businesses throughout the GTA. The private corner booth in one of the city's most iconic power-lunch venues solidifies the impression. Jha, an enthusiastic, passionate man, can't help falling in love with new ventures. Two years ago he bought the landmark eatery because he liked the food.

Project Beyshick and Aditya Featured in a book titled “We Are the New Radicals”

Aditya Jha New Radical The foundation's flagship project – Project Beyshick – and foundation's chairman Mr. Aditya Jha were recently featured in a book titled "We Are the New Radicals".  The book, authored by former speech writer Julia Moulden, explores and explains the idea that "people around the world, thousands of people who have found success in their chosen careers are getting the call to do something more with their lives -to give something back to a world desperately in need of their help. And you don't have to be a billionaire to do so."

To get her idea across, Julia quotes Aditya as one of the New Radicals who founded Project Beyshick to nurture entrepreneurship amongst the First Nation Communities in Canada. 

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