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IIT-N Overview

Please note that this project has been put on hold in light of the political situation in Nepal.

Institute of Information Technology - NepalNextrail Global (part of POA Educational Foundation) is a Canadian Charitable organization. It intends to provide funds and expertise to initiatives that foster economic growth in developing nations through education in the field of Information Technology. Nextrail Global will foster growth by: building academic institutions focused on applied education in software engineering; provide incubation facilities for local entrepreneurial ventures; and through participating in social development projects using Information Technology.

The primary task of the Foundation is to bridge the gap of expertise between the rapidly evolving global IT industry and the skill set of students graduating from local universities. To achieve this end, Nextrail intends to establish institutes of technology with a combined focus on engineering methodology and applied skills in current technologies.  Each institute will utilize various tools and methodology to ensure a globally recognized standard of education is delivered to students including:  cooperative learning; e-learning and blended learning; and industry certification.

IIT-N Vision

Nextrail has selected Nepal to establish its first institute focused on the rapid development of highly trained software engineers, the Institute of Information Technology Nepal (IIT-N). There are several strong factors for establishing a proof of concept project in Nepal. Nepal currently stands as the twelfth poorest country on the planet with an annual per capita income of $220USD. The annual growth rate over the past decade has been as low as 2.2%. The country’s population rests at 23.4 million with an annual growth rate of 2.4%. Nearly half of its population currently live below the U.N. Poverty Line.  Beyond the acute need for diversification of economic sectors which several strong software development firms would provide, Nepal is positioned to have a success in the software field due to the existing education structure, local ambition, and the country’s physical and cultural proximity to India, a country with booming success in the IT industry.

The Institute is proposed to be established within a government sponsored IT Park in the Greater Kathmandu area (Banepa IT Park). The purpose of the park is to attract IT investment into Nepal to establish and cultivate a strong IT workforce. IIT-N initially intends to provide a Masters of Engineering level degree in IT with approximately 40-75 students admitted in the first year of operations. The gradual expansion of the Institute will introduce an undergraduate level program in the same field and possibly Ph.D and research programs based on the level of demands. The optimal student size for the Institute’s self-sustainability is 350-400 students. The Foundation estimates that this student body size can be supported within five years of the Institute launch. IIT-N intends to become a facility with world class resources and curriculum, on par with many leading global technically focused institutions.

IIT-N Timeline

For More information regarding the Institute of Information Technology Nepal project please contact:

Mr. Ashutosh Jha
Tel: (416)603.6667 (Toronto)

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