Project Beyshick 2005

Project Beyshick Goals:

  • To encourage an active interest in business, corporations, and entrepreneurship.
  • To provide participants with first-hand experience in a business environment through contact with a senior business mentor (Executive Level).
  • To offer an insight into the dynamic and culturally diverse business environment existing in Toronto.
  • To encourage the corporate world to be directly in touch with the Nishnawbe Aski Nation and other First Nations.


  • Aditya Jha, Chairman, POA Educational Foundation
    POA Educational Foundation is a charitable foundation that aims to provide support for educational and entrepreneurial initiatives that target regions with specific challenges and pressing needs.
  • Grand Chief Stan Beardy, Nishnawbe Aski Nation
    The Nishnawbe Aski Nation is a political affiliation of more than 45 communities within Northern Ontario.

Participating Companies:

  • ICICI Bank Canada
    • Mr. Hari Panday, President
  • AMJ Campbell Van Lines
    • Mr. Denis Frappier, Executive Vice President
  • Osellus Inc.
  • Trillium Hospital
    • Mr. Ken White,CEO
  • Globalmaxxtech
    • Ms. Ida Perreira, COO
  • TD Canada Trust
    • Anna Iacobelli, District Vice President
  • CIBC
    • Gary Starnino
  • TV Ontario/TFO
    • Isabel Bassett, CEO
  • RBC Royal Bank
    • Naresh Karnick
    • Harry Willmot, Sr. Manager
  • Bell Canada
    • Michael Cole, Executive Vice President
    • Tom Lang, Senior Director
  • HSBC Bank
    • Erik Sande, Vice President of marketing
    • Trevor Francis, Vice President
  • Ryerson University
    • Adam Kahan, Vice President, University Advancement
  • Verax Inc.
    • Sid Thomas, CEO

Guest of Honour and Speaker for “Thank You” Dinner

  • Lt. Gov. James Bartleman

Participating Students:

Ten participating students (Grade 11 to University/College students) from the Nishnawbe Aski Nation including:

    • Vivian Miranda Kakepetum, Business at Lakehead University
    • Autumn Yesno, Hotel Management at Confederation College
    • Brent Waboose, Entrepreneurship program at Confederation College
    • Lisa Moonias, Business at Confederation College
    • Mark Meekis, Restaurant Business at Confederation College
    • Melissa Archibald, High school student
    • Myra Beardy, High school student
    • Rowena Moonias, High school student
    • Tracey Provost, High school student
    • Vanessa Moonias, Nursing at Lakehead University

Dates: August 24-28, 2005

Schedule (August 24-28):

Aug. 24 – Day One with assigned Executive

Aug. 25 – Day Two: Job shadow/observe assigned Executive

Aug. 26 – Day Three/First Half: Shadow/observe assigned Executive

     Day Three/2nd Half: Staff & Volunteers to enjoy dinner together

Aug. 27 – Trip to Niagara Falls & Blue Jays game.

Aug. 28 – Return home

Sponsors & Organizing Supporters

  • Ryerson University
    • Adam Kahan, Vice President, University Advancement
  • Sid Thomas, CEO, Verax Inc.
  • Ginny Dybenko, Vice President, Syndesis


  • Manish Jha (Program Coordinator)
  • Ashutosh Jha (Assistant Program Coordinator; Head of Trinity College, University of Toronto)
  • Ashish Jha (Student, Centennial College)
  • Lisa Kember (President, Hyperactive Communications Inc.)
  • Tiffany Pearson (Hyperactive Communications Inc.)
  • Adrienne Tang (Student, Trinity College, University of Toronto)
  • Lindsay Stewart (Student, Trinity College, University of Toronto)
  • Yizheng Yang (Student, Trinity College, University of Toronto)
  • Gloria Pakravan (Sr. Manager, Scotia Bank)
  • Anil Bhasin (Sales Executive, ReMax Inc.)
  • Chandra Bhople (Director, Osellus Inc.)
  • Mitra Sen Joshi (Manager, Osellus Inc.)