Project Beyshick Overview

During the program, each participant will be mentored by a chosen business-executive. The job-shadowing portion will last three days, in which the participant will observe the executive conduct his/her daily business routine. Participants will also spend four days engaging in planned activities, including face-to-face interaction with successful entrepreneurs from ethnic minorities in Canada.

The POA foundation is working with a leading Canadian business school to involve its researchers and professors who specialize in entrepreneurship. These experts will conduct a two-day preparation workshop in Thunder Bay as well as individual coaching sessions in Toronto to help participants get the most out of their job shadowing experience.

This program is intended for serious candidates and requires long hours of work for effective participation. It also encourages each participant to form a continuing relationship with his/her executive or business mentor.

{josquote}A unique feature of Project Beyshick 2006 is an entrepreneurship award of $15,000{/josquote} ($5,000 each from the POA Foundation, NAN and NADF) to be given to the participant who presents the best business or career plan report at the end of the event. Participants will be provided with guidance for preparing the report prior to and during the event by their executive mentor, POA Foundation individuals and business school professors. The award is likely to be increased to $25,000 if a matching grant is obtained from the government. The implementation of the business plan will be monitored and the award money will be disbursed in stages under the supervision of NAN and the POA Foundation. If there is no suitable candidate for the award this year, the money will be carried over to next years award fund.event_05

Why Toronto?
An Economic and Pluralistic Hub
As a microcosm of our larger country, Toronto is an example of a society that leverages difference and combines cultural strengths to make a dynamic social and economic system. It is home to around 5.5 million people (in the GTA), and generates more than 20% of Canada’s GDP. Toronto is one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, encompassing more than 80 different ethnic groups and 100 different languages.

Eligible Participants
This year we are recruiting participants from FOUR different categories:

This category includes individuals who are currently in school pursuing their undergraduate or graduate degrees, or have recently graduated and are looking to pursue a corporate career, or want to enter the business world through the entrepreneurship route, but need some guidance to help them succeed.

This category encompasses individuals who have already started their own businesses, but are striving to improve their entrepreneurial skills by gaining exposure to the corporate/business world and its leadership.

This category includes those who are working in a corporate environment, but are looking to further their career in the corporate world or expand their horizons through exposure to other large and successful corporations and corporate leaders.

Community Leaders
This category was designed for Canadas indigenous leaders who are interested in creating an interface with and gaining exposure to Canadas corporate leaders.

Official Dates
Project Beyshick will run from Saturday, August 12 until Friday, August 18, 2006. The three days of job shadowing will take place from Tuesday, August 15 until Thursday, August 17, 2006.

Day 1:  Saturday August 12 Pre-event Workshop in Thunder Bay
Day 2:  Sunday August 13 Pre-event Workshop in Thunder Bay
Day 3:  Monday August 14 Preparatory meetings & discussions with business leaders/Go to Toronto Day 4:  Tuesday August 15 – Job Shadowing/Observing
Day 5:  Wednesday August 16 – Job Shadowing/Observing
Day 6:  Thursday August 17 – Job Shadowing/Observing  AND Thank You DInner
Day 7:  Friday August 18 – Surprise Activities
Day 8:  Saturday August 19 – Surprise Activity, Wrap-up and Departure

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